About Us

Inspiring Wholistic Wellness in Our Community


Offering a supportive network for healing arts practitioners, wholistic education and drop-in wellness clinics


Our Vision:


The Healing Path envisions wholistic healing at the center of our modern lives.


Healing Path is committed to integrating a wholistic model of care into the everyday fabric of our lives. In order to fulfill this purpose, we have established the Healer's Tree as a main project of the Healing Path.


We provide an association for local healing arts practitioners of all types to join so they can network, connect and grow together through education, business support and self-care opportunities.


We offer education in the form of:

Free and paid classes, day and weekend long workshops. 

Multi media “Spotlight” educational opportunities to teach about different healing arts modalities and highlight local professionals.  

Content in the Wholistic Heartbeat magazine providing information on overall wellness. 


Currently on hold - We hope to one day once again offer alternative healthcare clinics.

Wellness Clinics