Healer's Tree



We provide an association for local healing arts practitioners to collaborate and network.


Together we create a new model of wellbeing.


The healing arts practitioners are at the forefront of creating this new heart-centered infrastructure, making us a renowned wholistic healing destination.


To provide business, spiritual and self-care support

for personal and professional growth.

To connect and grow together through educational opportunities 

furthering professional visibility and accessibility.


  • Membership helps you be seen as a professional healing arts practitioner and helps develop a sense of belonging to a collective that's making a difference.

  • Gain access to our Members Only FaceBook Group.

  • FREE Bi-Monthly gatherings, featuring ritual, ceremony, self care, personalized spiritual business support and networking opportunities hosted by our communities healers (non-members will be welcome for a $20 fee).

  • Bi-Monthly Meetings to help shape and inspire wholistic wellness in our community.

  • Bi-Monthly mention in the Wholistic Heartbeat Print Magazine.

  • Online listing here on this website linked to your Healing Arts Guide Profile or video if you have one.

  • Network and collaborate with other practitioners, share client referrals, and form workshop opportunities. 

  • Priority access to the many events, opportunities, and collaborations we are currently working on to help the healers reach new clientele.

  • Stay current with the pulse of the healing arts community.

As the Healing Tree develops benefits grow! 



We are here to answer any questions and to help you sign up. 


Call 707-834-6831  or Email info@healingpathhumboldt.org for more info