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About Maya Cooper...


Having come into this world with a heightened sense of the invisible energies that animate people from within, and swirl all around us, I was often distressed as a child by the disconnect between the things people said and did and how different that was from the way their inner energies were expressing themselves. The “voices and feelings” I heard and saw of these inner energies were much more real to me than the physical world.


The spiritual essence within Nature had a harmony to it that people seemed to lack. Natural things like trees, animals and even Earth Herself physically looked like a pure and honest out picturing of their internal energies.Though I lacked a framework to understand what I was sensing, these observations and experiences have shaped my whole life and set me on a healing path. 


It wasn’t until I was in my late 20’s that I stumbled upon a mentor who helped guide me through her healing touch, focused intention, skill and love. Being held safely in the container of ancient wisdom she was able to create, enabled me to awaken and understand how, by refining and sharing my gifts, I could begin to heal myself. She also showed me how I could learn to access the natural energies that I saw and felt and direct them with my focused intention in order to bring more healing love and kindness into the world.


So I happily set about my work and have devoted many hours to learning, growing, sharing and creating healing opportunities for others. This life has been an ongoing journey of embracing the understanding that we are part of a benevolent Universe. Guided by Nature’s example of integration, I am always seeking to discover and uncover more of my true nature while I learn to harmonize with and ever more deeply befriend this lovely Living Universe. 


An awake heart-centered new world is collectively unfolding from within us. I believe we are here to assist each other in healing any pain that obscures our beauty and power from taking root and blooming. Now is the time to come into harmony with Nature and our own true nature and build a world that works for us all. I am here with the Healing Path to do my part in midwifing this world into being. We are all in this together. We are the ones we are waiting for. 

Maya Cooper is a founding member of Isis Heals, and Wholisitc Heartbeat Healing Arts Centers, the publisher of Wholistic Heartbeat and The Annual Healing Arts Guide, print and online magazines. Most recently, she is the co-creator with Jahnan Derso and Michael Cooper of Healing Path, a non-profit Dream Maker project of the Ink People with the goal of inspiring wholistic wellness in our community. She offers Intuitive Guidance, Hands-on Healing, In-Depth Energy Reading and Energy Mentoring Group Healings at the Isis Osiris Healing Temple in Sunny Brae Center. She has been doing energy work for 25 plus years.