We offer education in the form of:

Free and paid classes, day and weekend long workshops. 

Multi media “Spotlight” educational opportunities to teach about different healing arts modalities and highlight local professionals.  

Content in the Wholistic Heartbeat magazine providing information on overall wellness. 

We provide an association for local healing arts practitioners of all types to join so they can network, connect and grow together through education, business support and self-care opportunities.

We are wholistically reshaping our community. 

Healing Path is committed to integrating a wholistic model of care into the everyday fabric of our lives. The Healer's Tree's vision is to reposition the healing arts practitioners so they are more accessible, visible, and profitable in the emerging healthcare industry. Together we can bring wellness into the forefront of the community. This is an opportunity for you to steer it!


Membership helps you be seen as a professional healing arts practitioner and develop a sense of belonging, impact, and being apart of something that's making the difference.


Membership Benefits Include:​

  • Invitation to the Monthly Healer's Breakfast - introduce yourself to the Healing Arts Practitioners.

  • Bi-Monthly Selfcare Meetings to nurture your tool bag and feel good at the same time.

  • Bi-Monthly Meetings to share your voice and offer direction to the Healer's Tree.

  • Bi-Monthly mention in the Wholistic Heartbeat Magazine

  • Online listing of the current Healer's Tree Members

  • Increased public visibility

  • $25 off in a Healing Arts Guide ad

As the Healing Tree develops benefits grow!

The Healing Tree provides the healing arts practitioners a way to network, collaborate with other practitioners, share client referrals, and form workshop opportunities.

Together, we can create a whole new model of wellbeing & a heart centered community.